About Joe

I was a quiet, shy kid who watched others – their movements, their feelings, their expressions, & how personalities can be seen on one’s face in the quietest of moments. As a teen I scrimped and saved in order make a purchase that would connect me to others and, ultimately, become my passion and calling. I still own that camera. Photography for me is a way to capture the true essence of a person. This plays out in many forms - love between families, the subtle changes of a developing child, blushing brides & proud grooms, devoted four legged friends and creative expression in work and hobbies. When a client honors me with a window into their life my aim is to hold in time that essence of who they are – that ever changing piece of time that is their present, past and future. Over 30 years of training & practice has granted me the gift to go beyond a snapshot picture to create a tangible portrait of authentic self. Everyone is beautiful & unique. My studio is a calm, relaxed oasis in our busy world that allows me to get in touch with the individual beauty within the self and one’s relationships. The result is a personalized portrait that captures one’s truth and becomes a legacy in time.

Joe Sedik